The Grass is Always Greener?


The Herd have now moved to their new field!! They were impressed with the space (this field is much bigger than their old one) and the amount of grass they now have however it’s been interesting to watch their behaviour and realise how disruptive this has been for them even though it’s been a positive move.

The first day they all raced around excitedly and enjoyed the grass.

The second day they were found to have gone exploring (after walking the whole field I realised they weren’t hiding under the long grass but had actually done a Houdini). They were found in the next field over (which had very little grass) and I had to do my pied piper impression to get them back to where they were meant to be! They actually followed me quite willingly and seemed pleased to be back in their field.

The next few days they seemed to realise the grass wasn’t really greener and remained in the right field, albeit sticking closely together and using each other as security.

One week on and they’re starting to venture a little further from each other and the quieter member of the Herd is becoming more inquisitive as she starts to feel more secure.

Many people I know are going through changes and disruption at the moment. Starting new schools or leaving long standing jobs. Venturing into the unknown can be scary for all of us and we’ve been very mindful with the Herd to be undemanding and consistent with them, providing a secure base. If you know someone who is going through a change at the moment give them time, ask them how it’s going and be available to listen. It can be difficult to hear that people are finding things tough and we often want to offer solutions when sometimes all people need is someone to hear that they are struggling. If you are going through disruption be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time and space you need to adjust.

Often we discount the impact of disruption, especially when we feel we haven’t been instrumental in organising the change (e.g. the Herd didn’t ask to move fields, we arranged it for them. Children don’t always ask to start or moves schools. Sometimes we don’t want to leave jobs). Acknowledging there can be loss involved (leaving behind playmates, friends, colleagues, financial security) can be the first step to allowing us to turn our energy towards where we are in the present, rather than yearning for the past. This can allow us to experience and enjoy where we are now, rather than believing the grass is always greener.

Image: Nikki Millard



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