Therapy & Counselling

Why Therapy & Counselling?

Our first session provides an opportunity for us to discuss why you are considering therapy or counselling and what you would like to achieve. We can explore whether it would be helpful for us to work together.

What is Therapy & Counselling about?

Therapy & counselling offers you a quiet, safe place where you can talk about whatever is troubling you. It gives you a regular time and space to explore difficult feelings which can help you to deal with specific problems, cope with a crisis, improve your relationships or develop a more fulfilling way of living.

Therapists or counsellors are not there to give you advice about your own life, but to help support you in understanding your feelings and behaviour, and if you want to, change your behaviour or the way you think about things.  At Resilience, Transactional Analysis is used to help bring an understanding to your life.

Image: Simon Migaj

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