Equine Therapy

What is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)?

EFP uses equine-facilitated activities to explore the way we see and relate to ourselves and others, our patterns of behaviour and survival, as well as our gifts and strengths, and may include the exploration of our past experiences and traumas. EFP is a form of psychotherapy and relies upon the therapeutic knowledge and experience gained through a mental health qualification.

Why horses?

People have had a long history with Equines and they are connected with us in deep and profound ways.  Latest research has linked the similarity of the limbic system (emotions) between horses and humans and also the positive effect horses have on emotional and mental health and well-being. EFP gives us opportunities to interact and form relationships with horses, to learn in a way that is experiential so involves us physically, emotionally and mentally. The results are long lasting and often more comes upon reflection after the EFP session.

Image: Jen Bradburn


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